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Joke #6

Okay, this an original creation of mine, but still has something to do with bears.

Why do grizzly bears bring a compass every time?

Because they can’t find their bearings.


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Joke #5

Credits to Paulo of Grade 9 for this wicked and sick pun. Also, this one pun marks the beginning of the “Better Puns For Cancer” age. Anyway, here’s the pun.

Why do bears wear jackets?

Because the cold is unbearable.


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Joke #4

More cancerous puns incoming! (I once had a multitude of puns, courtesy of my stupidly awesome brain, but I forgot them, so yeah.) By the way, this one’s old, so I’m counting on you not knowing this one.

Anong hayop ang di tatablan ng baril?


(What animal is impervious to guns?


Okay that sucked… I’m gonna remove that from the post.




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Joke #3

I made this one like, right now. So forgive me if you got sent to the hospital because of sudden cancer. I’ll pay for the hospital bills.

What Pokemon is a polygon? (No, not Porygon you imbeciles.)

Clue: It’s a Water type. Give up?

It’s Square-tle. (*laugh*)


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Joke #2

This one’s been around for some time, but it never fails to make me slap my knee. Oh, and credits to Carreon, or The Captain in the world of WordPress.

Yung blog, diba yun yung di ka na makakakita?

BLOG ka na?

(Love you, commander. *mwah*)

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Joke #1

Okay, time to spread cancer to everyone. Here’s the EnglishRazor with some of the best (or worst – take your pick) puns he’s ever made in this worthless lifetime of his. Well… sometimes I’ll just post a joke that someone else made, and I’ll credit him or her. And also, some jokes might be in Filipino, so yeah… yeah. Anyway… let the cancer fest begin!

Alam mo yung hue?

Diba yun yung pinakamalakas na bagyong tumama sa Pilipinas?

Yung bagyong HUElanda?

Yep… enjoy the cancer, guys. I’ll cook up some more.