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34: Free-Writing Blog 1

Yes, this is real. I got nothing to write, so I thought maybe this should make a nice blog post. Just write and write until you can’t write anymore. (In this case, type.)

I’m currently listening to Naruto Shippuden opening songs… I know it’s a weeb thing, but come on. They got the coolness and feels mixed together. Kind of like… me. No, just kidding. I’m kind of low in the cool department.

I’m waiting for my best friend to play with me online. My close friends know that I play this game called Cardfight Vanguard, and it’s supposed to be played in real life, but luckily for me they made an online site where we can play card games. Wow, he’s taking an awful lot of time in challenging me. He might be fa-oops.

I cannot backspace that one because it’s a rule in free-writing. You cannot erase or backspace. That would erase the essence of the activity. So… sorry, nii-chan. xD

All my cousins (well, except for my big bro) are already downstairs and eating lunch. I kind of woke up late, so I ate late too. (And yeah, I can’t correct my grammar too. Sad life.) I’m still kind of full, so I don’t wanna eat yet.

Hm… Kenshin’s internet is sh*t, so we can’t play online. Dammit… I thought we’d get to play again. Oh well… there’s still later. And I’ve reached my limit here. By that, I mean my ability to type things and ideas randomly. My head is starting to bunch words and thoughts together into whole ideas, which is not exactly free-writing. (I don’t know. That’s how I define free-writing.)

This is your blogger the EnglishRazor, logging off.