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60: Skyline

Sweat dripping, arms heaving as he makes his way into the smaller unit. Around him, the objects he was used to seeing in the previous house was now stashed haphazardly, bags on top of bags on top of bags. His stunted eyesight was still unaided, his broken glasses lying somewhere upstairs, but he didn’t need spectacles to see the outline of the buildings.

It was arguably the most prosperous city in the entire metro, at least according to his parents. And there was also good reason to believe that. Across the wide expanse of cities, that one stretch of horizon was jam-packed with sky-high towers, each one owned by a wealthy businessman, or probably a foreign investor. He didn’t care much about economical stuff.

But that city also held something else… something dear to him. Suddenly, a flood of memories ambushed him, paralyzing him on the spot and drowning him with images and scenes from a recent past. With both mental hands, he waved the turbulence aside and focused on his work. They had barely three days left to move all their things. And he himself, curse him, wasn’t cooperating.

BR: You can’t blame me. Blame these stupid memories.

ER: Hmph. I told you to clear your mind off that place. But did you listen? Of course not! You’re the most stubborn person I have ever come across in my 16 years on this planet!

BR: Excuse me? We are the same person, nitwit. Stop insulting yourself. Maybe if you’d come and help me fight off this stupid maelstrom of emotions, maybe we’d get this job done at a much faster rate!

ER: Are you telling me that I’m useless?

BR: Well, aren’t you? You couldn’t even make yourself-

ER: Shut up! Shut up! I will not listen to your nonsense again!

BR: Tsk… stupid, annoying, worthless, good for nothing, useless, stubborn… love. Hah! As if love would take away your thirst and hunger.

ER: You say all that, but you immerse yourself in memories. What a hypocrite.

At that moment, he decided that that was enough argument for one day. He began to neatly arrange his things in his new closet, all the while trying to ignore a growing, chewing pain in his chest.

From the EnglishRazor to you, reader. Over and out.