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59: Blinding Carnage

Order from Chaos. Creation from destruction. Life from death.

But pain… breeds nothing but more pain. It gnaws through the threads of emotions pulled taut around the heart. It closes around my chest, with its iron fingers, and slowly crushes the poor little being that is me.

They call out to me, asking what is wrong. Are you okay? Do you have a problem? Oh, yes I do. And it’s impossible to escape. if you want to help, well… it’s far too late. My soul has fallen into disrepair, the pain and lies gnashing at it every second. At times, they let up on me, when I’m busy. But when I’m beside her, the monstrosity rears back and slashes across me with such force that it shatters my soul.

My body disconnects from my emotions. I become two separate beings – one that is fighting the relentless creature within me, and the other trying hard to veil the pain that is in me.

I cannot see the light anymore. This endless carnage has blinded me. And my last hope for resurrection has been extinguished, leaving behind the tattered remains of my final ray of light. My hope, ripped to shreds and discarded.

This is the ravaged EnglishRazor, leaving for hell.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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