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51: Up All Night

Oh… chilly morning, my precious subordinates. After typing that extra long blog post, Morpheus seemed to have given up on me and decided to find another person to put to sleep instead. You get the whole idea.

I used my time to watch the last three episodes of Naruto Shippuden, and I must say I was moved. Naruto’s unwavering determination to bring Sasuke back jolted a nerve in me. It made me see that people do not simply succeed using their skills or experience or whatnot. If you try and try and try, no matter how many times, you will never lose the chance to succeed. (Well, gosh. I think this is the gazillionth time I’m talking about not giving up.)

Whatever. You get the point, which is I didn’t sleep a wink tonight, and I watched anime. That’s basically it.

Or not. There are times when I can’t relax because I feel as if I forgot something important. And technically, that is the reason why Morpheus gave up on me. (Sheesh, I’m overusing the god of dreams.) That golden post wasn’t quite complete. Yes, there might be other people that I wasn’t able to write a letter to. But I mentioned that.

There was something missing in one of the messages. And that bugging feeling kept me up all night, like a sense of foreboding. I still can’t put a finger on it, but I’m very sure there was something important that slipped out of my mind.

Well, ranting about it won’t do no good. The SteelRazor resisting a rest, over and out. (Wooo, I threw in that pun there!)

*I just realized… my title is a song, isn’t it?



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