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50: The Golden Post

Cool midnight, everyone. And yay! We’ve reached 50 blog posts already! Hurrah and all that… yeah. Anyway, I won’t be wasting this opportunity to write a message to some people I cherish.

Konbanwa, Shin-niichan. (Or whatever you say during midnight.) Yeah, you probably know what I’ll say, but hear it out. So thanks for being my bff for like, a year or more (not really sure but meh), especially during those times when I needed support the most. You always knew how to comfort me even though I haven’t said a single word. You’re amazing that way. And thanks for trusting me. I feel really grateful for that. I mean you know… not many people actually trust me. Can’t blame them, I can’t even trust myself. But you taught me how by trusting me. You taught me so many things that came in handy. So yeah… thanks, nii-chan.

Hey Dom. Hopefully you won’t be able to read this. So… first, thanks for stuff. You know, being a good friend and all that.
I still remember how you warned me about the dangers of loving someone, and for someone who has no experience with love, I gotta hand it to you. Everything you said did happen. But thanks for trying. And I wish you’d let up on me at times. I’m not as tough as you think. (And I had a crush on you back then.)

Hello, Sunshine. First, sorry for those past few months. I wasn’t stable then. Hey, it was partly your fault, okay? And second, thanks for not giving up on me. You saved me from Tartarus. (Just google the thing. Takes too long to explain.) And hopefully… your mom won’t be as hostile anymore. Honestly, she scares the daylights out of me. (Don’t tell her that.) Well, don’t go anywhere, Sunshine. I still need you as my right hand man-er, girl.

I bet you were waiting. Hoping you weren’t on my list. Well… I’m sorry imoto-chan, but you’re one person I cherish. Don’t beat yourself up. That’s my job. (I mean beating myself, not you.) You’re not Atlas who carries the world on his shoulders. (Gosh, I’m such a hypocrite.) Your friends are here to share the weight. And don’t you dare give up. You didn’t give up on me and Sunshine, so you have absolutely no right to give up on yourself. We’ll be here for ya. And… I told you, whenever you need me, don’t hesitate to call my name. I’ll come rushing to your aid. Oh, and thanks for being my best friend. You can always come to me when you need someone to talk to. I’m the best listener in the entire school. (Excluding lectures. Those are boring.)

Jeiza. You human cannonball. You supernova. You… are my friend that comforted me during Grade 9, along with your partner-in-crime. I really appreciate the Manila Bay hangout. You two made me feel loved. And I can’t forget that time in ConChem when you, me and Ariel didn’t have a project. I felt weirdly gratified that you two fell with me. And those talks we had during Math time… yeah. Priceless. And thank you, thank you so much for trusting me. The most hyperactive member of Triple Trouble. That’s you.

Jetskie. I had a crush on you during Grade 8, but that was past. You and Jayzer look perfect for each other. I actually enjoyed being your third wheel. And thank you for your advices. I found strength in them, the strength to go on. Jayzer is so lucky to have met you. All those times the three of us hanged out, those were irreplaceable memories. You two are the best couple I have ever seen. And yes, I must say you are hot.

Ariel 7.50. (Wow, that was a rusty nickname.) The most annoying, the noisiest, the weirdest, but also the funniest person I’ve met. You’re cool in your own way, I’ll give you that. And I will never know what truly happened to you, Jayzer and Jetka back then, but I guess it’s better that way.

Arch. (That’s pronounced as arch, not arkh.) You bugger. I used to think you were shallow and dense, but boy, that must have been the wrongest guess of the century. I appreciate the advices, the talks, everything. You’re my guy best friend in Coper. To be brutally but honestly honest, I didn’t see you as my best friend until that day when you were absent and Mr. Sarmiento asked who was your best friend. Instantly, 30 fingers pointed to me. That was when I realized that the entire class saw us as bffs. And I realized it too. And about you predicting that I was going to fall for imoto-chan, gosh that was miraculous. You’re some sort of sage in a past life, I think. And thanks for showing me Undertale… I guess.

Konnichiwa, Eli-sama. I know we didn’t have much memories during Grade 8 (except for that time with Mikel and the whole clearance thing). You’re the first person to show me that giving up was an option one could take, but it would lead to less fortunate events. (I think you showed it to me without meaning to.) And thanks for helping me with that little scuffle with Sunshine. You believed in us, the same way I believe in Surrendering. (LoL players will understand.) And of course, I believe in you too. You are our Dad.

Hi Jerbs! Yes, yes, I cherish you too. You look amazing with a cap. And yes, I agree with everything Arch said about you. Hopefully you remember everything he said. But if not, here, lemme repeat some of them. You’re so kind, so pretty, so cool. Why anyone would want to hurt you, there’s absolutely no reason to. Uh… Arch said something else, but I wouldn’t repeat it, or I might get in trouble. But anyways, yeah. You are the kindest girl I’ve met. I’ll be honest, I kind of wished you could be with nii-chan, but scrap that. And don’t forget, your friends are here for you.

Hello, Sammy. You’re like my girl adviser 2.0, since Jetka is the first. (I almost finished typing the sentence, when I remembered-it’s a secret.) So… you’re kind, I’ll give you that. And I must say you’ve done much good for me in the short time that we have known each other. I hope I can return the favor.

Scoots. I don’t exactly cherish you, but might as well get you over with. You’re my second friend in Edison (Enzo being the first), and I’m grateful for that. You taught me much useless stuff, but I applaud you for the effort. And may I suggest you lessen the trashtalking while playing. You’re bringing down team morale.

Hi Zandr! This is my home turf, so no girl can bother us here. Thanks for being a good friend to me, and enduring my explicitly bad puns during Math. I’m just bored. I hope you still remember that time in Edison during AP, when we were singing a song together. “A Thousand Years”, was it? Yeah. You’re a good guy. I wish people would stop bullying you. (Ehem. Yeah, I’m talking to you girls.) If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Kyle? Alright, Kyle. You big bully. You did that to me a lot during Grade 8. But now, I saw a side of you that I’ve never seen before. And thanks for trusting me. I didn’t expect you to trust me. And now, even though you still bully me, I know inside that you have a soft side.

Enzo. You’re cute, man. Handsome too. No lie, bro. Dude, you’re like, the best in CS. And thanks for keeping me awake during Mr. Casbadillo’s lectures. Sheesh, the guy knows how to make people sleep. And yeah… thanks for the CS project. I owe you one there.

Commander. I like your manly scream when the volleyball was sailing towards you. And I always admired you for being a tough guy. You are kind inside, funny, and not too stupid. And please, please stop the bad puns. It’s… too much of your style. And yes, THANK YOU for announcing to Burbank about my crush. Really, really appreciate it, man.

Charles. The Ultimate Bad Boy of Masci. Gosh, you’re like, as Dom would say, “70% of all of Masci’s problems”. I gotta agree with him on that. And though you might look all bad and stuff, but I know you’re kind and religious. And you sure know how to have a good time. Grade 8 days, man. Grade 8 days.

Yo Mikel. We miss you. You should have dropped by last Foundation Day. But meh… anyway, I still hope you’re still the Math God we all know and love. And I wish the Three Kings of Edison can still return, even for one day. You, Dom and Charles.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I cherish a lot more people, but my fingers are numb already. This is SteelRazor, from this end to yours.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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