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48: Their Memento

Greetings, from your one and only SteelRazor. (Gosh, Euclid students will kill me for that.)

Alright, enough distraction.

Do you ever keep an object that reminds you of something or someone? Like, say, a ballpen or a ribbon? I’m sure you do. Holding on to those things, means that you’re still treasuring them, or at least your memories together.

Or you’re just too lazy to throw it away, I don’t f*cking know.

A picture. No, more like pictures. A bunch of images that take up space and prevents you from updating Youtube because it says “insufficient storage”. Why won’t I remove them and finally have my Youtube updated?

Because those pictures are more important to me than the new and better mobile Youtube.

I didn’t have much memories with those two, just the occasional “hellos” whenever we pass by each other in the hallway. In Technical Writing, I first met the guy. Kind, soft-spoken, and handsome, I’ll admit. His last name always brought a smirk to my face, though I will never know why.

And the girl. I cannot remember much of my earliest memories with her. Her name was only introduced to me through a mutual friend (though she is a lot more than a friend to me, she and her boyfriend both).

As always, I knew nothing about the people around me. I thought they only met each other because they were both in Technical Writing, but as it turned out, some things are not what they initially seem to be.

I remember sitting in the front seat during TWE, right beside nii-chan. Remo and Jimi always bugged me, since they were seated right behind me.

I faintly remember turning around and seeing them talking in hushed tones, an occasional smile passing by their lips. At first, they annoyed me, since they were too cuddly in class. But soon, I came to appreciate the good vibes they were emanating.

Not much memories of them… except for a bunch of images they sent me during the Fourth Quarterly Exams. It annoyed me how annoying they were, but it was also endearing how they were annoying me together.

I couldn’t focus on reviewing because of them. They were beside me in KFC, so focused on each other instead of the reviewers in front of them. But then, I was also happy to see them like that. Enjoying each other’s company and care.

Then bam. The Fates interfered. I don’t want to talk about it because honestly, I’m not really sure what happened to them.

Well, it’s getting pretty late. This is the SteelRazor, reminiscing in the past.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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