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45: This is My Reply part 2

Alright, so maybe that first one didn’t do it’s job too well. I had so much more to say, in fact, and I don’t want my glaring soul to be let down.

Four times I have fallen. And four times I have been caught in the illusion. And four times… I got broken. But this time… I will be the one to break. Break anything that stands in my way. Anyone, for that matter.

But hey, I didn’t say anything about friends. Let’s see…

I wouldn’t mind, as long as you don’t cross me. And from here on out, I wouldn’t care if you talk crap about my past. It’s past, for heaven’s sake. No use getting all worked up just because of a bunch of stupid, bittersweet memories.

Ah, I must prepare my stuff for tomorrow. The unwavering, breaking and… -ing SteelRazor, from this end to yours.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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