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43: June 22

A chilly and dark morning, everyone. I’m awake quite early because I slept quite early as well. Apparently my brain is hardwired to 5 hours of sleep. Yeah… that’s… that’s all the sleep I need.

Aight, to the post.

That date, June 22… it holds a special event in my heart, but recently, that memory has been painted with a bitter shade of pain. Kind of like a double-edged sword that I swung around and accidentally impaled myself (though physically that does not seem possible).

Just to let you guys down, I won’t talk about what happened on that day. The real point that I am trying to make here is, how can a certain date have a rattling effect on a person? What scientific explanation can give an answer to my question?

He thought that he was sooo over her and stuff. He believed that there was no more of that old, ripped thread that used to bridge their… their feelings. He used to have… he used to care for her in a way no one else did. And now… he firmly believes that all has been finished. He believes that there is no more. The end.

…then why? Whenever 15 comes by, his mood darkens. His infinite well of energy is strangely empty. And there is another him, but younger… by about 9, 10 months, following him, staring at him. He does not talk, yet his thoughts are clear. He does not show emotion, yet his pain is reflected. He was me, months ago, now eerily distorted by the cruel hands of time and irony.

2. 4. 6. 15. 16. 18. 22. I can name even more dates that can affect people in ways unimaginable. But, it does not neccessarily have to be a negative effect all the time.

How? Why? I’ll need even more time and experience to be able to answer that.

This is your dormant and now reawakening SteelRazor, over and out.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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