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42: Curses

I’m halfway done with my Setting story, so I decided to take a short break. And I thought that this old draft deserved to be finished and published, since it reflects a part of me inside.

I believe we all know what curses are, right? It’s this. This f*cking word right here. That’s cursing right there. (Okay, I’m teaching wrong sh*t, wait.) Yeah… yeah, I’m pretty sure you guys know what curses are. And I’m also pretty sure you have cursed at least once in your life. You can’t be the cleanest person in the world, someone who’s never said a single curse word in their whole life.

Yeah, I understand, curses are f*cking bad and that we shouldn’t say them, but the point is, society teaches us to say our feelings openly, and curses are, unfortunately, one of the most effective ways to openly say what we’re feeling or thinking. Like, when you stub your little toe on a corner, saying “Ouch, that hurt bad” isn’t going to cut it well, but if you say “Ow f*ck!”, well, that’s kind of satisfying. I don’t know… that’s how I see things. Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to cursing already. In my case, almost every sentence I make always comes with at least one curse word.

But, at least I don’t curse like those gang-like guys out there, who curse like “P*tangina” or “G*go”. (Well, sometimes.) Usually, I curse in English, since it feels… cleaner? Better? I can’t put a finger on it. It’s really hard to explain the feeling. Like, saying “f*ck” seems more stylish than saying “g*go”. (I’m going to get so bashed for this f*cking post, I swear.)

And one more thing… curses, especially the word “f*ck”, really intrigues me to no end, since, out of all the English words I’ve encountered, this one word can fit virtually anywhere in a sentence and yet keep the grammar intact… somehow.

How does that work? I’ve tried it many ways, like “Oh my f*cking gosh this f*cking guy is so f*cking stupid… I don’t f*cking know what to do with this f*cking dude.” That’s like, five curses right there. And yet… the grammar holds itself together, like how some relationships hold on tight amidst all the problems against them. (I thought I wasn’t going to rant…)

Alright, enough of curses. You’ve gotten my point, seen me curse. What else do you want? Oh, a joke! Right, right.

Alright, so… is AIDS fatal to humans? If so, then…

AIDS not okay to catch it.

Get it? It’s like “It’s not okay”, but instead it’s “AIDS not okay”. Get it? Yes? Alright, that’s stage 2 cancer, you’re welcome. This is your f*cking SteelRazor, getting off the net before you can bash me and my post to pieces. See ya… guys. (I so wanted to call you guys “retards”, but I guess that would be too much already.)

Note: Oh, also I learned to curse in English during Grade 8. Yeah, f*ck you Dominic for teaching me this.




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