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41: Procrastination at Its Finest

Believe it, people. It’s quarter after twelve, and I haven’t finished a single assignment yet. Well, I have started on two of them. That leaves three more for me to do within… let’s say three hours, given that I still have to sleep at three in the morning. Though… I don’t think that’s quite advisable.

Instead of focusing on what I have to do, I did what I want to do (that’s basically the whole idea of procrastination). At times, what I want to do and what I have to do coincide with each other, and I become beautifully productive. Also I become beautifully productive from ten in the evening until two in the morning, no other time. And I’m running out of time, it’s 1:58 am right now.

Wow, I have no idea where those two hours went, it’s like it was pulled out of my grasp, snatched away from me, just like everything I ever wanted-yeah, I’m not going to rant today, I’m f*cking tired of ranting about emotional stuff and all that bullsh*t. I’ll take a break from ranting for now and focus on my topics.

Basically, I’m technically not procrastinating right now, since this blog post is a requirement of sorts, but it does keep me from doing my immediate requirements, like my Economics Reflection, my Setting story thingamajig*, among other things.

Alright, I’ve reached the limit of my procrastinating. I have to go deal with those reqs now, lest I get rekt by them.(Get it? Cause reqs, rekt?) I suck at this…

Alright, that’s it for the EnglishRazor. He’s gonna go now and do his assignments, so catch ya later, gators. (forgot which book I got that from)

*I actually thought it was going to show that red wavy line underneath that says “Hey sir, this word is not spelled right, so get the cursor back here and fix this”, but it didn’t so I was like “Whoa… so thingamajig is a word”. Just saying.

Also I’m high.  Also it took me an hour and 45 minutes to make that one paragraph up there.



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