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40: Off-Balance

Hey there, guys. I don’t know what happened much with the weather since I slept the moment I got in the house (not really, of course I changed first before crashing on my bed). It’s been a really, really long time since I last slept this good in my life. An empty start and a full ending. An empowered awakening. (Wtf that sounded like it’s from a game or something.)

The point is, I woke up feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated, not like waking up during the morning, where I have to deal with the tortuous ringing of my devilish phone’s annoying alarm. Whenever that one tone registers in my brain, I know my temporary oblivion is over.

But of course, all things, good or bad, must come at a price. (Damn it…)

In this case… I might have been fully refreshed and stuff, but my sleeping pattern has been thrown off completely. It’s going to be an ordeal to wake up tomorrow. Either I’ll set my gear and go for an all-nighter (that’s not really advisable), or I’ll set my alarm in such a way that every minute, it starts wailing like a f*cking banshee out for my brains and blood.

Uh… what was that sound just now? I heard a peculiar sound from the kitchen. It sounded like… a saw? Something rubbing on a rough surface? O.O

…there it goes again.

I intended this post to be about a good waking up story, but it’s going to turn into some damn horror story now… I feel like one of those idiots in a horror movie, trying to find where the weird sound was coming from when they should just run away screaming for their mother’s milk. What’s worse, everyone else is upstairs already… ugh, goddammit. (I don’t know how to censor that curse, so I left it intact.) I tend to get spooked easily, and I admit I’m afraid of ghosts. I just tough it out and act manly and all whenever I’m with someone else.

Anyway, I got a long evening ahead of me, so I have to go now. Your ghost-fearing SteelRazor, over and out. Sayonara.




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