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39: BloodRazor’s Last

A cold evening, readers.

I’m pretty sure that many of you had friends that you didn’t meet for a long time, and when you met them again, they’re different. Their looks, their style, their attitude, even their way of talking. At this point, most of us say that the person has changed. He’s not the same as back then. He could be better or worse than before.

But I don’t think so. I don’t think people change. A person can never change. We were not created to change. When we were born, we were born complete. People do not change. They are just adding onto themselves. If he was quiet and shy before, and now he’s active and talkative, then he added those bits and pieces to himself. He could have picked them up from new friends or from the environment surrounding him.

A person does not change. He adds onto himself.

However, there are times when your friends slowly stop talking to you, stop interacting with you. This might be unnoticeable at first, but it gradually develops. This process of “unfriending” takes time, just like everything else. You get farther and farther until it becomes awkward when you try to talk to them.

At this point, you’ll say that you have “lost your friend”.

And yet again, I beg to disagree. You don’t lose friends. You don’t make friends. When you become close to them, your friend is born. He enters your life, becomes a part of it. You talk to each other, eat lunch together, make assignments together. But at some point, because of a rift that you couldn’t solve, you start to drift away from each other. And when that happens, your friend dies… and a stranger is born. He leaves your life and is reborn as a new person outside of your life.

I’ve had friends who died before. I’ve had friends who added onto themselves. I’ve done quite much during my 16 years on this pain-riddled planet. I’ve seen and done some things that a 16 year old isn’t supposed to see or do. I’ve seen things from the perspective of both a boy and a girl. I’ve determined the difference of a boy using Facebook and a girl using Facebook. I’ve been in an argument and heard both sides. I’ve listened to both sides talk sh*t about the other. I’ve been left, hurt, loved, played, trusted, lied to, cheated, accepted, rejected, protected.

I did say that BloodRazor was the representation of my suffering and pain. But it seems that even BloodRazor cannot endure this much loneliness, this much isolation.

So from here on out, BloodRazor is no more.

This is your newer, tougher and stronger SteelRazor, over and out.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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