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37: Change

A sunny afternoon, readers.  I have some errands to run today, so I might keep this one a short post. Also there are important things to be done, things that require all my effort and abilities to be finished.

And another thing before I start my post (I mean the real topic, since I’ve already started the post itself), for my final blog post, which is quite far in the future, I will say everything cooped up in me, no sarcasm, no lies, no hidden meanings, none of that sort. Just the truth, and only the truth.

Alright! Change.

Change is something that is definite in this world. It does not disappear, it does not end, it does not… well, change. Also it’s something you get in return when you pay too much. (Wow, that was stupid.)

It is something that is constant in this universe. It applies to everything within the universe. It can be found in every subject, in every topic… in everything. Change is everywhere. Change is… okay, I’ve scoured my brain for everything closely connected to the word, and I’m sure you already get my point by now. If you still don’t… whatever. Just read the blog.

We cannot evade change. Everything we do, is change. We breathe? The air changes. We talk? The… um… action… of our mouth changes. (That was lame, I’m sorry.) Yeah, yeah, you get it. I’m not exactly in philosopher/scientist/guy-who-just-wants-to-rant mode right now… anyway, I think I’ve made my point now.

So! Change. But that’s not the end of this topic. The next post is closely related to change, which is the reason why I prepared this post. A sort of “preparatory” stage, don’t you think?

I must go and reload my vocabulary ammunition for later. The real and chill EnglishRazor from this end to yours, over and out.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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