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33: Time

Good evening, people. I’m currently here in my aunt’s house in San Pedro, Laguna, and yeah… I’m waiting till the last minute to make my assignments. I’m never really good at managing my time well. In fact, I suck an any form of managing-my allowance, my time, my things, even my life. Hah… my life is beyond managing already. It’s going on its own path that I can’t steer.

I’m rambling on a different topic. I should stay focused.

So, time. It is something constant in our world. It continues on, never stopping. It takes with it memories, feelings, and life, leaving behind pain, loneliness and death. Time can do many things.

Time can hurt. It can amplify hurt by prolonging the lies and deceptions. It can lengthen hurt by stretching illusions to near eternity. Yes, time can hurt. (It can also hurt if you throw a clock at someone. That’s got to leave a mark.)

But time can also reciprocate its own effects. It can heal. It can make a broken heart recover, it can make a deep wound heal. Time can make shattered things repaired and working again, as if nothing had happened. It can fix everything that has been broken, if given the opportunity, the chance. But time cannot remove the scars, the remnants of the hurt it had caused. No, time cannot do that.

Time can also change a person. A person who was kind and caring before can become cold and cruel. A person who was happy and optimistic can become gloomy and lonely. Time can make a man change his ideals, either for better or for worse. Someone who used to firmly believe that you should always look out for yourself before others will inevitably bend to the omnipotence of time.

Time can hurt. Time can heal. Time can shatter. Time can repair. Time can change someone. Time can do many things. It can remove memories, delete feelings, lock away friendships. It can spawn a gargantuan void between two lovers. It can push two lost souls together. It can give us a chance to talk to that one person we wish to talk to. It can make us rethink our purpose in life. It can make us love someone again. But most of all…

Time goes on. It doesn’t stop.

We just have to keep on going. Just like what Dory said in Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming”. Whatever may happen, events or misfortunes that can befall us, all we can do is keep on moving forward. Until the day comes when…

Your time is up.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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