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30: A Multitude of Secrets

A rainy evening, my fellow bloggers. I got home late this evening because my close friends Jayzer and Jetka asked me to play with them, and so I relented. (Fine, I was the one who pushed them to play with me. I was kinda depressed, and I only play League of Legends when I’m super depressed.)

But enough about that.

There is no law against having so many secrets, right? Because if there is, then I am the most wanted criminal already. There are so much things about me that only I know. Not even my parents know my deepest thoughts, the emotions hidden in the corners of my vast mind.

Even nii-chan, my best friend, doesn’t know everything about me. (Yes nii, I am far more formidable than you imagine.) But why would I keep so many secrets from people? Why would I keep secrets from my best friend?

Last year, I purchased this book from Booksale entitled “Sandman Slim”. It’s about a half-man, half-angel who fell into Hell and stayed there for 11 years and came back to Earth as a hitman. There was a part in the book where he inquired about a hidden room in Club Avila, his targeted place. His friend, Mr. Muninn, insisted that he not find out about it, but he asked anyway.

“What else do you know about Avila? You know what they’re hiding in that blank spot in the blueprints. Don’t you?”

Muninn looks troubled.

“You don’t want to know about these things. I don’t want to know about them and I’ve seen whole civilizations turned to salt or buried in ice.”

“What’s in there?”

Muninn shakes his head.

“A bordello. The secret one. A celestial bordello full of creatures seldom seen here on Earth. But the real reason those so inclined go there, risk their lives and souls, is for the pleasure of abusing captive angels. These are the injured ones who fell to Earth during Lucifer’s uprising and new ones that they have captured since, though I have no idea how one goes about capturing an angel.”

Muninn looks at me.

“There. Are you happier knowing? Will you sleep better tonight? Young man, there are some things in the world so profane that their only real value is in not knowing about them.”

“Sandman Slim” by Richard Kadrey, p. 174-175

Now, I didn’t tell you this to go find the book and read it. My point here is, something that Mr. Muninn said made me think deeply.

There are some things in the world so profane that their only real value is in not knowing about them.

I believe the same goes for people’s secrets, especially mine. Sometimes, it’s better not to know too much about something or someone, because too much knowledge is never good. Sometimes, it’s better to be dumb than to know all. Knowledge can bring about great destruction. Which is why people keep secrets.

Well, I must go now. This is your secretive blogger, The EnglishRazor, logging off.



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