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29: Imagine It…

Ahhh… a good, chilly morning, my readers. I’m feeling weirdly good today, as if something pleasant will happen today.

No, sir. You’ve got tons of tests coming right at you today.

Come on. Don’t spoil the early morning fun. You’re always so damn pessimistic.

Anyway, I woke up today feeling complete, vigorous. it took me a few minutes to understand why, since I’ve never woken up like this since… last year, I believe? Ah, yes. Last year, on that day. But we won’t talk about it here. Not yet, at least.

So why did I wake up so happy again? ‘Cause I had a dream. (I’m obviously going to narrate it, but just bear with me since I forgot much of the dream.) So… in my dream, I saw my friends. They were trapped in a large warehouse of some sort. I won’t mention the friends I saw, but all I’m going to say is they’re important to me. All around them were gunmen, around five gunmen. The gunmen were talking their time in getting closer, knowing that even though each of them only have one bullet left, each bullet will be enough to kill each of my friends.

The five gunmen have cornered my friends into… oh, guess what? A corner. (That was lame as hell.) Each one targets a quivering individual. Just before they pull the trigger, I jump out and take the silver bolts of death, each one striking painfully close to my heart. My friends’ faces were filled with horror. Their mouths were open, their hands reaching out to me.

No, I said. Go and escape. I give them a bloody smile before my eyesight fully dissipates.

Then I woke up.

There you go. Another piece of my vast brain, delivered down to my fingers, through the keyboard and onto this post. (I need to find new phrases like this.) Sacrifices… I live for them. For my friends. I find pure happiness in sacrificing myself for my friends. So the so-called ultimate sacrifice, would bless me with oblivion. (At least, that’s what I think.)

Well, it’s 37 minutes after five in the morning. I should go now. This is your blogger who would take a bullet or knife (or basically anything that can kill) for his friends, The EnglishRazor, logging off. Jaa ne, minna-san.




With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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