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18: Megaton Punch

A stressful evening, people. I was trying to summon up some emotions so I could write some really good material, but the emotional well was mysteriously empty. So I just decided to rant about something every MaScian can relate to.

Before we start, what is it with my title? What is Megaton Punch? Why Megaton Punch? I’ll answer these questions one by one.

Megaton Punch is a Normal-type move from Pokemon. In the FireRed and LeafGreen games, it is better known as the move Mega Punch, taught by a Move Tutor just outside the Mt. Moon cave exit. It deals a considerable amount of damage to the opponent, but in return, it has low accuracy. In the Pokemon: Origins anime, Red taught his Charizard this move, and used it multiple times; in his battle against Blue’s Blastoise and again in his death battle with Mewtwo. This same move took down Mewtwo, allowing Red to capture it.

I used to love this move. But now, for me, it has taken on a completely different meaning.

Nowadays, high school students are forced to do multiple schoolwork in such a short amount of time. In science high schools, this weight is undoubtedly doubled, tripled even. I mean, come on. In almost every subject, there’s either an assignment, project or both that must be passed in the same week. And the only given time is 30 hours, at least. If you’re tough enough for an all-nighter, then you’ve got 48 hours.

We wake up at 4, 5 am everyday, stay in school for almost 12 hours, and sleep at 11 pm. 10, if we’re lucky enough. And don’t talk about time management. What, we divide three hours into 10 different subjects? 18 minutes for each subject? There are chores to be done, siblings to watch over, other problems to take care of. Then they add 2 more years of this suffering, just so we can “move forward”. Yeah, right. They add two years of high school then won’t give as much as a single penny to support us. “Move forward”. Pssh.

This, coupled with the occasional stress from friends, home and society, makes a high school student suffer even more than a working adult. A true Megaton Punch, straight into a high school student. But this time, the accuracy is a hundred percent, and it critically strikes.

What will we do?

What will the government do?

What will this wretched country do for the next generation?

Suffer, as what we have always done? Sometimes I want to go up to those who are in charge of this whole thing and give them a Megaton Punch to the face.

This is your awfully stressed blogger The EnglishRazor, logging off.




With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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