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13: An Image of Perfection

It was the 18th of January, year 2017. The sun was blazing bright, a perfect day for good events. I was feeling lazy, with the afternoon sun beating down upon the entire school. As luck would have it, the teachers had a meeting in Alzona Hall, so we had three hours of freedom. At least, that’s what I thought until our Science teacher left us with some work. How bothersome…

I left the Amadome to go and get myself a drink from the canteen. My throat had been sore for several weeks now. Upon reaching the canteen, I met nii-chan. As usual, I hugged him-our way of greeting.

“Nii-chan!” I called out in a child-like voice.

“Hey, where are you staying?” he asked.

“At the Amadome. I just went here to get a drink.”

“Oh sure, I’ll wait for you.” He patiently waited as I purchased a C2, which I rarely do. A look at my phone told me it was 11:11. Maybe they’re done changing by now, I thought. I hurried back to the Amadome with Shin-niichan.

I was out of breath when I got back. My eyes roamed the place. Her bag was beside another bag that I didn’t recognize. What? Who’s she hanging out with? I wondered. From behind me, Eli appeared with a grin on her face. And it wasn’t a simple smile. She looked like she won the lottery or something. Nii-chan had just appeared by the Amadome, trying to catch his breath.

“Eli? What’s up?” I asked.

“Look there.” She pointed by the entrance to the Lover’s Lane. Like clockwork, a girl and a boy appeared, both smiling, laughing, holding hands. The boy was tall, a little bit taller than me, with hair swept upwards and a dark but handsome complexion. Over all, he was considered “handsome”. He was holding a water bottle that was opened. Beside him was the girl, a few inches shorter than him. She had her hair tied back with a dark blue hair tie, and she had a fair skin, contrasting the boy beside him. But the difference only made them look more perfect for each other.

As they stepped into the sunlight, the girl laughed and the boy smiled. At that moment, I caught the image of perfection. The image of love.

I watched until they got back to their bags and sat down. They continued to talk, not giving a care to the world. They seemed truly happy to have each other again. Our hard work had paid off well.

Nii-chan came up behind me. “So are we going to eat or are you going to stand there all day staring at them?”

I took one last good look at them. I smiled contentedly before turning around to have my lunch with my own best friend.

“Have fun, imoto-chan.”



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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