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12: Lines from the Head of State

Hmm… I should start making my introductions more creative instead of the perfunctory “Yes, hello, good evening” greeting. I’ll think about it.

So, earlier this day, His Excellency, President Rodrigo R. Duterte delivered his very first SONA, or State of the Nation Address. His speech was the longest first SONA in the history of the Philippines, with a total length of one hour and 32 minutes, including his ad libs and the clapping. (Who counts the clapping as part of the speech? That’s just… whatever.)

I have listed down five amazing lines our President has spoken.

1: “We must have the courage to fight for what we believe.”

I fully agree, Mr. President. In every battle fought on this 4.5 billion year old planet, courage has always been the key in order to keep going. For you to keep fighting for what you believe in, you must have the courage to do it. The courage to risk yourself to attain your deepest desire. The courage to fight for your feelings even if everyone else is adamantly against it.

2. “Courage knows no limits; cowardice does.”

Well said, but I have trouble digging the meaning of this. However, I will try to explain it to the best of my abilities. From my point of view, the President is trying to convene to us that with courage, we can do anything we want, everything we want to achieve. But with cowardice, all we can do is cower, run and hide from our problems. And so for our President, cowardice is never an option.

3. “We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back.”

This is by far his best line, at least for me. If we let our past drag us around and let it control us, then how are we supposed to move on in life? The things that have happened in the past, be it horrible or memorable, they’re just memories now. They serve to teach a lesson, to remind you so you will not forget, not to haunt you and control your current actions. You cannot possibly move forward if the chains of the past are restraining you. You have to move on, shatter the chains, and keep going. All you can do is to look back, reflect and keep going forward, whatever may come.

4. “No amount of cash assistance or the number of medals can compensate the loss of a human life.”

President Duterte mentioned this after speaking about the internal conflict between the rogue forces in Mindanao and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It is true: your father or hubby may have been honored and awarded with medals, your family given cash assistance, but that does not change the fact that your father or hubby is dead. Gone. And no number of money or golden medals can bring him back. Gone means gone; and that means you can never, ever get him back again.

5. “Sorrow cuts across every stratum of society. It cuts deeply and the pain lasts forever.”

Apologies, but I kind of forgot which kind of sorrow the President was talking about here. But let’s generalize it. According to the President, “sorrow cuts across every stratum of society.” According to the Merriam-Webster’s English Dictionary, stratum means layers, indicating that sorrow strikes everyone in society, from the richest businessman to the poorest beggar. Sorrow has the power to leave a person stricken and unable to think, blanketed with darkness and loneliness. It can strike deep, like a samurai’s sword. The blood gushes forth, and the pain will be intense, nerve-wrecking, and even though it may heal, the pain will never leave our memories. It will stay there as a reminder to us.

Whew, that took a lot out of me. So, I managed to rant while providing information at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking. But hey, I’m the God of Cramming, so it’s no big feat. (I’m respectfully bragging.) Anyway, it’s getting pretty late, so sayonara. This is your political individual The EnglishRazor, logging off. Jaa ne-ttebayo. *winks*



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