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11: The Power to Believe

A pleasant evening, everyone. Well, not so pleasant for others. I’m currently stressed out, from emotional pressure, academic pressure, and family pressure.

I decided to funnel the emotional disturbance into motivation and energy for me to finish my assignments. This is one thing that has always baffled me: how can so much emotional stress, e.g. pain, grief, hurt, be transformed into overflowing energy? It’s like the emotional equivalent of Einstein’s theory of Relativity.

But we’re not here to talk about conversion of matter into energy. Or my assignments.

If you lost your laptop, somewhere in a train station or at school, what would you do? Of course, you’d search for it high and low. You’d ask your friends to help you look for it. And you won’t stop until you get it back. When you lose something, two forces begin to act on your mind: the power to give up, to forget everything about it and just find a new one. This force subconsciously plants thoughts in your mind. You can just get a new laptop. That old one was damaged, anyway. It’s not worth the trouble.

Then there’s the power to believe. Early on, this power is most powerful. This power pushes you to seek what was lost and try to reclaim it. Like the power to give up, this also plants thoughts into your head. A new laptop costs too much. I had too much pictures and music and games in that laptop. It’s worth the trouble, after all.

However, as time drags on, the power to give up slowly grows and consumes the power to believe. There comes a point when the power to believe is almost gone, and it takes effort just to assure yourself.

This concept, which I thought of, can be applied to virtually anything you have lost, with the exception of death. However, the power balance may vary depending on the loss. If it was only a pen, the power to believe will only be there for a moment, and then the power to give up fully consumes it-unless you really need the pen. But if it was something that was important-let’s say your phone-the power to believe will dwarf the power to give up. But both powers do not just work subconsciously. You can also force yourself to strengthen either one.

You can only achieve as much as you believe. The power to believe is a strong power indeed, but it will only be as powerful as your own will to keep it going. This is your believing blogger The EnglishRazor, logging off.





With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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