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10: Dreams

Still the same nice evening, minna-san. I couldn’t sleep, and I still had some writing energy, so I’m not going to waste it.

So this time, I’ll use the first topic I saved: dreams.

What dreams? Dreams as in the one you want to be when you grow up? Your goal in life? maybe your future hubby/wifey? No, sir. It’s the literal dream; the ones you get while you sleep.

I thought about this idea while in the shower. I just woke up and I managed to remember a good piece of my dream. I already forgot it now, but at that time, I was thinking, how are dreams made? I don’t want to get all scientific, so I’ll get straight to my point.

When we dream, we see things that are perfectly normal to us in the dream, but once we wake up and remember it, it appears as if the whole thing was impossible. Surreal. When I dream, sometimes I see people, things or places that I already know (in the dream), but when I wake up, I’m all like What the heck was that? Where is that place? Do I really know that person?

This whole thing makes me think that maybe our imaginations are at their most powerful when we are asleep, when our brain is not fed with any information. It has freedom, and no amount of mental chains can hold it down (of course, except when we wake up).

And also, whenever I’m close to waking up, I gain control over myself in the dream, and in some cases, I can recognize that Oh hey, it’s a dream. I can do what I want. It feels good to be able to control your dream, but yeah… in the end, it’s still just a dream. This is your dreamy blogger, The EnglishRazor, logging off once again.



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