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1: Me

Hey there, people… nice to meet you all. As this is my first blog post, I decided that you guys should know something about me first. I mean, that is usually the first thing you do when you meet someone you don’t know. You introduce yourself.

My name is Joshua Inopiquez. I have walked this lump of rock we call Earth for 16 years, 2 months, 4 days, 15 hours, one minute and 26 seconds. (These are legit calculations.) As such, I am the eldest of three children, and therefore am the tallest in the family. I live in a particularly busy area in Quiapo, Manila, but I have learned how to cope with the noise, confusion and robbers. (Yes, robbers.) As a Grade 10 student, I have endured 11 years of teachers, classmates, lectures, tests and the like.

As a teenager, you might classify me as “weird”, as how most people would. I watch anime, play cards, hang out with other weird people. But most weird people, from my point of view, are quite antisocial, or if they’re not, they have few friends. I am the complete opposite. For me, friends are the one people that will never be gone from your life. Family? They’ll grow up and have families of their own. Lover? It’s quite rare to have a perfect relationship, ya know. But friends? They will always be there, in every nook and cranny, albeit in different forms.

If you’re asking if I am popular with girls (I’m pretty sure you’re not), the answer is… no. I’m not handsome like some other guys, nor do I have charisma. I’m not even tall, by guy standards. But under all the outside imperfections is a heart of diamond. (Because gold is too mainsteam.) That does not mean I have a hard heart, it means I’m kind. Very, if I may add. You don’t believe? Test me out. My patience is longer than the distance between the sun and Earth (that’s 93 million miles). I try to help out people whenever I can. (Not all the time.) And it’s hard for me to get angry at someone. No, really. I tend to “put myself in someone else’s shoes” before I perform an action.

Also, not to brag, but I am a gentleman, most people just don’t see me do gentleman-like stuff.

Well, I guess that’s enough about me. I wouldn’t want people to know too much about me. By the way… now I’ve been on Earth for 16 years, 2 months, 4 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds. (Such calculations.) This is your noob blogger EnglishRazor, logging off. Jaa ne.



With my pen, the world sits in the palm of my hand.

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